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Dan Davies: Truth, Beauty and Goodness

On-demand Sound Trail

NEW COMMISSION: Soundscapes for the Sculptures of Campbell Park

On-demand Sound Trail available from Saturday 10 July
Download and listen at ifmiltonkeynes.org/sound-art-trail

Sound artist Dan Davies, recently featured on BBC’s Countryfile, has created a new soundscape trail that will start in Middleton Hall with Luke Jerram’s Gaia and move through Campbell Park to the Tree Cathedral in Newlands - location for Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon - taking in some 15 pieces of Milton Keynes' public art. 

The soundscape is a celebration of the city’s forward-thinking attitude to public art, and a reference to the pioneering former Chairman of Milton Keynes Development Corporation, John Middleton Campbell (1912-1994) - for whom the park was renamed.

Dan’s soundscape echoes the resonant words of Campbell in aiming to reaffirm the importance of truth, beauty and goodness: 

“I believe that there should be values other than money in a civilised society. I believe that truth, beauty and goodness have a place. Moreover, I believe that if businessmen put money, profit, greed and acquisition among the highest virtues, they cannot be surprised if, for instance, nurses, teachers and ambulance men are inclined to do the same.”
John Middleton Campbell

Using your own mobile phone you will be able to these unique sounds via the Festival's website, and at your own pace explore the locations. A map to assist will be available for download soon.

These are the public artworks visited by Daniel and providing inspiration for his soundscape:

Starts at Middleton Hall, centre:mk - location of Gaia by Luke Jerram (10 - 30 July)
David Batchelor: Chromocochere (2015)
Dhruva Mistry: The Object (1996-7)
Gordon Young: The Milton Keynes Rose (2013)
Liliane Lijn: Light Pyramid (2012)
Heather and Ivan Morison: The Cave (2011)
Justin Tunley: Armillary Sphere (1995)
Ronald Rae: War Veteran (1997)
Ronald Rae: Animals in War (1998)
Ray Smith: Chain Reaction (1992)
Robert Koenig: Onwards and Upwards (2011)
Peter Bowker: Gnomon (Shadow Caster) (1994)
Allen Jones: Head (1990)
Clare Wilks: Circle Dance (1997)
Neil Higson: Tree Cathedral (1988) - location for Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram (22 - 25 July)

Dan Davies is a visual and sound artist. The latter part of this practice centres on making and manipulating field recordings to create site-specific soundscapes. Dan takes an experimental approach to sampling, purpose-building equipment such as hydrophones, contact mics and elektrosluch from recycled or inexpensive materials. This allows for a wider scope of recording techniques - listening underwater, object vibration and capturing the sounds of nearby electromagnetic fields. Care is taken to emphasise the musicality of these sounds which are often arranged alongside traditional instruments.

Find out more about Dan: dandavies.uk

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