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Letters to the Earth: Writing to a Planet in Crisis

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Letters to the Earth is inspired by Gaia created by artist Luke Jerram, which was presented from 10 -30 July in Middleton Hall, centre:mk.

Gaia is a stunning large-scale replica of our planet, measuring seven metres in diameter and featuring 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface.

Dear Earth, Dear Gaia

What Letter to the Earth inspired by Gaia would you write? The simple act of writing a letter can help us see the world in a new way. 

Letters to the Earth is a global project bringing together responses to the climate and ecological emergency in the form of letters. This movement encompasses thousands of celebrities, experts and people worldwide who are reconnecting with the natural world and finding their voice in the midst of crisis.

The Festival has invited thought-leaders, thinkers and experts from The Open University and the cultural sector, along with climate activists, to create their own filmed letters from Milton Keynes. 

These Letters to the Earth films are now available online. Click here to watch: youtube.com

Read about Letters to the Earth here: www.letterstotheearth.com
Find out more about Gaia here: gaia-by-luke-jerram


Alessandra Marino
Research Fellow, and interdisciplinary researcher working in geography and astrobiology at The Open University. Her research explores how space technologies are used in international development. 
Click here to watch: youtube.com

Dan Taylor
Lecturer in Social & Political Thought at The Open University, whose research spans contemporary political theory and the history of political thought, with a focus on British politics and cultural studies. 
Click here to watch: youtube.com

David Humphreys
Professor of Environmental Policy at The Open University, where he teaches and researches at the interface of geography, environmental politics and international studies.
Click here to view David's letter: youtube.com

Daze Aghaji
Climate Justice Activist and a member of the Extinction Rebellion Movement. She has recently completed her undergraduate studies in History and Politics at Goldsmiths University in south London. 
Click here to view Daze's letter: youtube.com

Carry van Lieshout
Lecturer in Geography at The Open University. She is a historical geographer interested in interactions between people and their environments, as well as the geopolitics of water and subterranean resources. 
Click here to view Carry's letter: youtube.com

Samuel Shaw
Lecturer in the History of Art at The Open University. His research interests include museum history and the formation of the modern art market, 19th Century ecocriticism, and the intersections of art and natural history. 
 Click here to view Samuel's letter: youtube.com

Monica Grady
Professor of Planetary & Space Sciences at The Open University, whose research is focused on understanding the solar system, through the study of meteorites, asteroids and comets. 
Click here to view Monica's letter: youtube.com

Anthony Nanson
Storyteller and writer, whose books include Storytelling and Ecology (2021) and Storytelling for a Greener World (co-editor, 2014). He is also the publisher of the ecobardic small press Awen Publications. 
Click here to view Anthony's letter: youtube.com

Shonil Bhagwat
Professor of Environment & Development at The Open University, whose research engages critically with environmental concerns in the areas of agriculture and food security, biodiversity and conservation, ecosystem services and sustainability.
Click here to view Shonil's letter: youtube.com

Maria Nita
Lecturer in Religious Studies at The Open University, where she teaches and researches on topics intersecting religion and climate activism.
Click here to view Maria's letter: youtube.com

Bill Gee
The Festival's Creative Director. Also Co-Artistic Director of the Inside Out Dorset festival and producer - through his company, BGA Projects - of site-specific and creative commissions, often in the outdoors and public realm.
Click here to view Maria's letter: youtube.com

Letters to the Earth is presented in association with The Open University, the Festival's Knowledge Partner

Write your own Letter to the Earth... Download and write your letter in a template below and email it, or send a photo or recording to: takepart@stables.org or @IFMKfest with hashtags #LetterstotheEarth #IFMKfest so that the Festival can share online or display in Midddleton Hall.

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