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MK Mandalas: Kinetika Flags

Free event

Internationally renowned UK company Kinetika has worked with over 150 people from community groups in Milton Keynes to create a set of 30 large-scale, hand-painted silk flags for display at The Milton Keynes Rose.

Participants have been working with Kinetika’s lead artist Lisa Meehan and two Milton Keynes textiles artists - Jane Charles and Ciara Callaghan - to create flag designs.

The Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park, which used mandalas to inform its distinctive circular design, has provided the inspiration for MK Mandalas. In their most basic form, mandalas are a geometric configuration of symbols used in spiritual traditions, as a guidance and meditation tool.

Underpinning the project were themes that are resonant of our times - Coming Together, Going Outdoors, Saying Thank You, Appreciating Nature and Looking Forward.

Participating Groups: The Frank Moran Centre, Camphill Communities, Broughton & Brooklands Community Connectors, Friends & Families MK, GrandMentors from Volunteering Matters, MK ACT, the Milton Keynes Hindu Association, Sew & Grow and Childcare Pathways, the YMCA Milton Keynes and MK Collective.

Founded by artistic director Ali Pretty, Kinetika has specialised in creating large-scale hand-painted silks for over 20 years. They combine world-class design with community projects to produce spectacular outdoor commissions that engage communities and diverse audiences.

Read more and download a Resource Pack: MK-Mandalas
Find out about Kinetika: kinetika.co.uk

See the gallery showing each flag and a film about the MK Mandalas here: Gallery&Film