Gaia, Sacred Earth

Catch Up: This event was live streamed on Thursday 15 July at 7pm from Middleton Hall in centre:mk

Gaia, Sacred Earth

Luke Jerram and Professor Shonil Bhagwat, hosted by Dr Maria Nita of The Open University.

British artist Luke Jerram, creator of Gaia, talks on the topic of Gaia, Sacred Earth asking if the ways in which we map, represent, talk about, and even talk to the Earth, can change the unsustainable ways in which we relate to our planet.

Professor Shonil Bhagwat talks about his international research into the global mapping of sacred natural sites that are indigenous and community-conserved areas with spiritual importance. 

Read more about Gaia by Luke Jerram: gaia-by-luke-jerram

Luke Jerram is a British artist whose multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects. Working internationally for 19 years, Jerram has created a number of extraordinary art projects which have excited and inspired people around the globe. He is known worldwide for his large-scale public artworks. 

Shonil Bhagwat is a Professor of Environment and Development at The Open University, whose research engages critically with environmental concerns in the areas of agriculture and food security, biodiversity and conservation, ecosystem services and sustainability. 

Maria Nita is a Lecturer is Religious Studies at The Open University, where she teaches and researches on topics intersecting religion and climate activism. 

Watch Gaia, Sacred Earth here:

Gaia, Sacred Earth is presented in association with The Open University, the Festival's Knowledge Partner