Place des Anges FAQs

These FAQs will be updated with new or updated information as it becomes available.


What is Place des Anges?

Place des Anges is French for The Place of Angels and is performed by a French theatre company called Gratte Ciel which translates as Skyscraper. It is an aerial show which means that most of the activity takes place above your head. We don’t want to give too much away in advance, but the show involves angels, music and feathers! It is a short, playful, visual spectacle that aims to enchant audiences of all ages.

When does Place des Anges take place?

Friday 28 July & Saturday 29 July 2023.

Where is the show taking place?

The show is taking place at Secklow Gate D3 Car Park in Central Milton Keynes, next to The Point. The postcode is MK9 3NE and the what3words locator is ///

What time does it begin?

The show begins at 9.45pm and lasts approximately 40 minutes. The venue (covered in feathers) will remain open until about 11pm when the site will begin to be cleared.

What time can I get access to the site?

The gates will open at 8:30pm and we advise you to arrive in plenty of time to get through the ticket check.



Road closures

To ensure we can present this event safely for everyone involved, some local roads will be closed as follows:

Between 6pm & 11.59pm
Lower Tenth Street – from its junction with Avebury Boulevard to its junction with Midsummer Boulevard.

Between 8.30pm & 11.30pm
Avebury Boulevard – from its junction with Lower Ninth Street to its junction with Secklow Gate. 
Secklow Gate – from its junction with Midsummer Boulevard to its junction with Childs Way.

Pre-booked tickets

Ticketholders will be allowed directly into the entrance lanes to exchange their tickets for a wristband - allowing you to move in and out of the performance area. We strongly recommend pre-booking for this event. If you have pre-booked tickets but not received them, or have mislaid them, contact the box office as soon as possible at Check in your Spam or Junk folders before contacting us, in case they have landed there.

The internet connection is not 100% reliable in the Secklow Gate area, so before you arrive at the site, please take a screenshot of your tickets or print them off and bring them with you.

Purchasing tickets on the door

If possible - please book your tickets in advance, or bring exact cash with you to speed up the box office process. The queues to buy tickets on the door may be long.

Is there allocated seating?

This is a standing-only show and the audience moves wherever they wish within the show site during the performance. Please do not bring your own chairs as they will not be permitted into the show site.

A limited number of seats will be available in a quieter area of the site for those who have difficulty standing for long periods.  Please ask a steward on arrival if you wish to use one.

Bag Searches

Alcohol is not permitted at the event and will be confiscated. Security personnel will carry out bag searches for everyone entering the event.



Is the show suitable for children?

This is an all-ages event, however all children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Everyone over two-years old will require a ticket.

Please bear in mind that there will be thousands of people at the site and there will be a blanket of feathers on the ground at the end of the show. Please take care as you leave the event and ask stewards for assistance if you need it. We would advise not to bring pushchairs.


Will toilets be available?

Yes, temporary toilets, including those accessible for the disabled, will be available to use at the event.

What other considerations have been given to those with disabilities?

The site is suitable for wheelchairs.

If you would like to be in an area that is less busy during the performance, please let a steward know on arrival and they will direct you to a quieter area of the site. If you have difficulty standing, a limited number of seats will be available to use in this area. We regret that it will not be possible for you to bring your own chairs and they will not be permitted into the site.

Please bear in mind that there are likely to thousands of people at the site and there will be a thick blanket of feathers on the ground at the end of the show that may cover street furniture, kerbs, etc. Please take care and ask stewards for assistance if you need it.

Additional facilities to enhance the experience of those with disabilities may be added. Please contact The Stables box office on 01908 280800 or to discuss any access requirements you may have.


Animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are not permitted on the show site.


Will food or drink be available?

There will be no food or drink available at the show site. However, there are lots of places nearby in central Milton Keynes to purchase refreshments.

The following food outlets in Midsummer Place will be opening extended hours on Friday and Saturday: 

  • Starbucks (until 10pm)
  • Leon (until 9:30pm)
  • Jerk N Rum
  • Lebanese Grill House
  • Churros Locos: 10% off all food and hot drink purchases on presentation of show tickets.

Alcohol is not permitted at the event and will be confiscated. Security personnel will carry out bag searches for everyone entering the event.


Will the show be cancelled in bad weather?

The show is unlikely to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions, such as rain or light winds. If it does rain, please wear waterproofs.

In the event of severe weather, such as storms and high winds, please refer to the Festival website, check your email and our official social media channels for the latest news on the day and before you travel.



I’ve lost something while at the event, what do I do?

If you lost something whilst you were attending the Place des Anges performance, please get in touch with us via email at with a description of the item then we’ll see if it was found and will let you know as soon as we can.

What do I do if I lose someone in the crowds?

If you lose someone, please make an event steward aware of the situation and they will implement an official lost child/parent procedure. Event stewards will be clearly identifiable in a uniform.



Where do the feathers used in the show come from?

The feathers used in Place des Anges come from European suppliers of down used for the manufacture of winter clothing and bedding. They are duck feathers usually destined for use in clothing, mattresses, pillows and duvet materials. The feathers are sourced from farms that meet strict European regulations regarding animal welfare and that humanely farm the birds for the production of meat, with the feathers being a by-product of that industry.

There are strict regulations in the UK regarding the import of feathers and the feathers used in the show have been sourced from Avian Flu zero risk areas designated 100% safe as per current UK regulations.

The company supplying the feathers has been awarded the DOWNPASS certification (valid 2021 - 2023) for stringent traceability and quality standards. This certification requires that feathers are not sourced from any live animals and in adherence to the strictest European standards of humane farming practices.

In addition, IDFL, the world’s largest down and feather testing laboratory, has completed a further independent Supply Chain Traceability Audit of the company’s feather supply and passed them in accordance with the requirements of the EDFA Codex and EDFA Traceability Standard (valid 13 Oct 2021 – 13 Oct 2023).

The feathers used in Place des Anges are clean and safe in accordance with similar strict European regulations. They have been washed, sterilised and dusted, and are provided for the wider manufacture of down quilts, mattresses and clothing are certified free from allergens and contagious diseases.

The supplier is an official and active member of the Japan Bedding Goods Association Traceability Audit System (J-TAS)

Are the feathers hypoallergenic?

The feathers used in the show are washed, sterilized and dusted. The feathers have undergone antibacterial treatment to prevent allergens.

The down and feathers used in this performance have been processed via a hygiene laboratory. The brands of the Association of the European Bedfeather and Bedding Industries document that the filling material conforms to EN 12935. (Feather and down – Hygiene and cleanliness requirements).

How will the feathers be cleared after the show?

A dedicated cleaning team will be responsible for ensuring that the site is left clean and tidy after the event. Many people will take feathers home with them and some feathers will gradually find their way across the city leaving their mark as a memory of this magical spectacle.