Help Us To Build A City of Angels

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Communities thrive when people come together to support each other, take pride in their locality and put their weight behind the charity and voluntary sectors that provide key services to citizens. 

The Festival has launched a social initiative - the City of Angels Fund - that responds to this imperative, helping to look after the cultural welfare of the people of Milton Keynes. 

Luke Jerram: Museum of the Moon, IF:2021

Studies consistently demonstrate access to the arts improves mental health, reduces isolation and loneliness, helps people age better, reduces anxiety, improves educational attainment and reduces the likelihood of criminality. 

‘Given the pressure on costs for arts, heritage and cultural organisations and on affordability
for many residents, what can be done to support participation 
so that
all can enjoy the enrichment offered by these cultural experiences?

MK Community Foundation (Vital Signs Report 2022/23)

We are calling on the support of business and individual ‘angels’ to support our appeal to raise £30,000 towards a designated fund ensuring inclusion, and widening access to free events in the City for everyone.  Alongside this we will remove barriers through targeted support to assist people who might not otherwise be able to attend.

The fund has taken its inspiration from the Festival’s largest-ever event: Place des Angeswhich, given its scale and spectacular nature, will turn Milton Keynes into a ‘city of angels’ in July.

There are two strands to the City of Angel fund, one for businesses called Archangels, and one for individual donors, Seraph, Cherub and Guardian Angel.

Gratte Ciel: Place des Anges, written and directed by Pierrot Bidon and Stéphane Girard